The Fixers Group

Using the power of persuasive communications to deliver the change our clients demand

Who We are

A small group of public affairs and communications consultants focused on ensuring the critical needs of our clients are heard, understood, and acted upon.

Who we work for

Our clients are companies, municipal governments, and non-profit organizations that have unique challenges getting their needs addressed – especially by governments, regulators, media, and other influential entities.

Often, we overcome longstanding barriers that have held our clients back from achieving their goals.

While we’d like prospective clients to seek our counsel early, we are often brought in at critical moments – when other methods have failed.

The process of persuasion

Our persuasion process combines the wisdom of Aristotle, decades of consulting experience, and the research of our founder, Ted Griffith, into the power of lies and misinformation to influence public opinion.

We’ve proven that the most persuasive communications are a function of:

The ARGUMENT, repeated by the speaker, then repeated by others (x)

Multiplied by the combined power of speaker’s REPUTATION and the EMOTIONAL RESONANCE of the speaker with the audience. Both factors grow exponentially, the greater the reputation and the resonance.

Then, the important (but relatively weaker factor) – PROOF POINTS. As we’ve seen, even lies and misinformation can be used, explaining the power of the persuasion process to work even when the facts are in dispute.

For a more complete analysis of The Fixers Group persuasion process, download the whitepaper here.

TED Talks

Ted Griffith discusses the challenges his clients face communicating in a world that has become so influenced by lies, misinformation, and hyperbole.

Why clients choose The Fixers Group

Persuasive communications, Part 1: How it works

Persuasive communications Part 2: Making persuasive arguments

Our Team

Ted Griffith

Ted has advised corporate and government leaders on public affairs and marketing issues for more than four decades. More than a consultant, he is highly experienced writer, internationally published author, and television producer He has managed communications programs for many large national and provincial campaigns and special projects. Ted is a problem solver who is trusted by CEOs, board members, and political leaders to deliver counsel that is strategic and effective.

Steven Bright

Steve has been working with Ted for also two decades, providing strategy, excellence in writing and project management, and a keen eye for detail. A skilled researcher, he is also working on his PhD in History. Steve has delivered results in the energy, finance, development, and banking sectors for 25 years

Chris Holz

Chris represents our government relation partner, Campbell Strategies, on many of the lobbying needs of our clients. With The Fixers, Chris and his team have delivered solutions for municipalities, non-profits, and companies in the finance, energy, agriculture, tourism, and water sectors. He is a former senior communications staffer in several Ontario government ministries.

Heather Bastedo

Heather is our research lead, holding a PhD and MA in Political Science (University of Toronto) – specializing in political psychology and motivation. Her Mayor’s Project provided a national analysis of the issues facing Canada’s municipal leaders. Her passion is civic engagement and understanding the nuances of public opinion. Heather ensures our strategies are based on research that is laser focused on the issues our clients are facing.

Our relationships

A small group of public affairs and communications consultants focused on ensuring the critical needs of our clients are heard, understood, and acted upon.

One of Canada’s top public affairs and government relationship firms. Founded by Barry Campbell, former MP and Parliamentary Secretary to Paul Martin, Minister of Finance.

A Toronto-based full service branding, marketing, digital media, video production, and event management company.

Public Square is a boutique research shop that specializes in accessing and engaging stakeholders, donors and communities that are often hard to reach.

Our clients

Since our formation in 2013, we have served clients on the following sectors

Issues Managed

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport

Tainted Blood Donations

Blood Donor Recruitment

New Housing Developments

Electricity Conservation

Siting of Nuclear Power Infrastructure

Labour Negotiations, Lockouts and Strikes

Siting of Tourism Attractions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Industrial Accidents

Land Applications of Biosolids

Chemical Contamination

Wastewater Infrastructure


Our blog on lies and misinformation in world and how we as consumers, voters, and leaders can address them.

Coming Soon

Theatre of Lies, by Ted Griffith

Non-fiction book on the world of lies, misinformation, and propaganda. How we go here. How we can fix it – and why we must.

Publication date, early 2024